Report Management System


Top Professionals Network Intl. has been working in Software and Recruitment industry for last couple of years. During this time we've done a number of software projects. Some of them are of a very huge scale, while some are just utilities sort of applications. Usually, our clients requests creating MIS on their production data and developing reports for any project is itself a new project. Keeping all this in mind we have developed a reporting application that can be connected to clients' database independent of the software used by the organization.


XMIS is a simple web based application for generating reports. It can easily be connected to any SQL Server or Oracle database. Multiple data sources can be simultaneously defined in it; providing centralized reporting of various independent systems running in any organization.

How it works

Creating Db Connection

XMIS has a very user friendly control panel. MIS administrator has to define a connection string of the database he wants to connect. System will use this connection to generate reports.

Writing Sql Query

Next is to create a report. Administrator has to write a SQL query for this. Once after analyzing and parsing the query for parameters; it will be saved in our system. Figure below shows a sample query with two parameters.

Defining Parameters (if any)

Parameters can also be added in the SQL query. Suported primitive data types are Date, DateTime, Int, Varchar and NVarchar. Upon report execution system will prompt user to provide parameter values, input type depends upon the nature of parameter i.e. calendar control for datetime, textbox or dropdown list for varchar or int, etc.

Report Execution

Given below is a sample report showing all Best Buy franchises in the cities whose names starts with 'M'


User Management

Access to the reports can be controlled through roles and rights management. For example Operations staff might be interested in real time transactional data, while manager just wants the quarterly progress report.